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Germany VPS Server – Introduction

It is fully managed and secure, which is ideal for businesses that require additional security and premium level support. These Germany VPS Server are available on Windows and Linux operating systems, so your business is always protected with the latest software updates in a stable environment.  It provides a fast and security Internet server with Full Root Access, Unmetered Traffic, 99.99 uptime as well as many features that most other web hosting companies don’t offer. It can be used primarily for Windows but is also fully supported by Linux. We are offering the best value for your virtual private server requirements; of course, our prices will beat most other hosting companies.

Why should choose Germany VPS Server for your business?

You want to give your business a better chance by competing with top level companies. It is the perfect choice for you to fall back on. VPS Server is the right solution for a more professional image of your business and is high reliable, fast, and secure at an affordable price you can afford. Operated in Germany and powered by state-of-the-art datacentres with triple power feeds, you can rely on us for your business performance needs.

Some Benefits of a Germany VPS Server

If you are looking for long-term VPS hosting, it is the perfect choice for you. Our ultra-fast Germany VPS will grow with your business needs.

Best Security

The Best Security Web Hosting offers a complete package for any business and individual that needs to host a website on the Internet. It does not matter how big or small your project is, you will have a complete service for all your needs with just one account. This bundle offer provides you with peace of mind in the quality of your web hosting experience because it is an easy-to-use platform that is scalable and economical.

Technical Support

Web hosting plans with 247 Tech Support provide you with a fast, reliable, and flexible platform as part of our superior service. Our servers are located in data centres all around the world to ensure they are always close to your target audience. Our website works on Linux and Windows operating systems, so you can use the one that best fits your needs.

Better performance

We provide all the options that are necessary for websites to remain functional. Our team can help you reach your goals in security, performance, speed, and reliability. We can also help you keep your website at the cutting edge of what’s possible on the web.


With a 99.9% server availability guarantee, you’ll be able to count on your Germany VPS hosting to keep your business running when it matters most. You can also manage all other facilities like DNS, FTP and web hosting accounts through Onlive Server.

99.99%Uptime grantee

The only thing that makes your business unprofitable is a website down. If your server goes down, so will your sales. Here we make it sure that you never lose any of those precious visitors or clients because of system issues. Our service offers 99.99% uptime guarantee and has been maintained in accordance with these standards for a long time.

Full Customization

The most of our packages comes with full customization. If there are some parts in our control panel, which you don’t like, just contact us and we will give you your own control panel or send a remote desktop to install whatever software on your server or reinstall server from scratch. You can also request a specific kernel if our kernel is not compatible with certain applications.


Virtual Private Servers let you get more out of your IT investment by shifting more of the responsibilities to our technicians. Whether your needs are in growing your e-commerce business, extending the life of your existing IT infrastructure, or creating a new data center, we have a Germany VPS solution that is right for you. With Onlive Server, you can always count on high performance and flexibility.

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